Prerequisites are Yoga Nidra I & Yoga Nidra II

Workshop Leader Certification

Ready for your next step in Yoga Nidra facilitation?

Learn to lead from the heart and convey the essence of the I AM Yoga Nidra™ practice through a masterful combination of words, reflection and experience. This workshop provides you with the skills and world-class curriculum written by Kamini Desai, Ph.D. to deliver a Yoga Nidra workshop in a variety of formats.

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Lead Your Own Yoga Nidra Workshops

Based on personal experience, we will share with you our insights and exercises to take you more fully into embodying presence, managing classroom dynamics, understanding how people learn, mastering the teaching arc and more.

You will receive specially-created teaching outlines to help you deliver dynamic classroom teaching as part of an evening, day or weekend workshop. We will show you how to deliver each module–building in principles of teaching and designing program content as we go along. Under guided supervision, you will have a chance to practice delivering modules to each other to help hone your presence and delivery skills. You will leave empowered and inspired to take others deeper into the understanding of Yoga Nidra.

Enter into a journey of not just teaching, but an understanding of how to hone your skills, your heart and your words into a transmission of Presence.

What's Included

Become a leader in the art of Yoga Nidra

Live Training Schedule

Additional Resources

Build Your Immunity to Uncertainty with Yoga Nidra

Let’s face it. Life can be uncertain, stressful and messy. Uncertainty produces anxiety, fear and insecurity and is a major cause of anxiety, depression and other stress-induced diseases.

Uncertainty is triggered when circumstances are ambiguous, complex, or unpredictable. Our mind likes to know. When information is unavailable or inconsistent, we feel ungrounded and unstable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prerequisite for this course?

Can I guide I AM Yoga Nidra workshops after completing this course?


Is this course appropriate even if I am already leading workshops?

Absolutely. You will be able to refine your teaching style, delivery and learn important information about building your own curriculum and understanding how people learn.

Is this course appropriate if I have no previous experience?

Yes! You will receive made-for-you curriculums that will allow you deliver a high quality experience from your first time. You will gain practice in the class refining your delivery. This will greatly speed your progress.

Why does the length of my course differ from others?

Depending on location, content may be delivered in various formats. However all curriculum and content is the same.

Where do I get my manual and program materials?

Program materials and other class resources are provided digitally through an online platform once you register. You have the option to have these materials printed on your own if you wish.

How do I get my CE hours with Yoga Alliance?

In order to qualify, you need to be a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. You can input these hours from this course directly through your login portal on their website.