Is Your Relationship History Repeating Itself?

You may feel as if you’re stuck in some kind of cosmic loop. Somehow all these different people you enter into relationships with end up being the same in the end. Don’t fret, this is good news, the awareness of it anyway. And it really hasn’t actively been your fault, karma just keeps sending you […]

Negativity: Why Do People Complain and What Can We Do About It?

You know one. You may live with one. Maybe you were raised by one. Or maybe you gave birth to one. And maybe, just maybe, you are one.  A complainer. A negative Nancy. A Debbie Downer. A Droopy Dog.  We all do it. An exasperated sigh can be a complaint in disguise. A helpful suggestion […]

Releasing Boundaries (Yoga Nidra Script)

We offer this Yoga Nidra script free of charge for you and your students enjoyment. Please keep in mind that we do not recommend guiding Yoga Nidra without proper training to safely and effectively bring people into the non-sleep deep relaxation states (NSDR) accessible through Yoga Nidra. To get the most out of this Yoga […]

Yoga Nidra and Sleep

There was a time when sleeping less was some sort of badge of honor, “I only need four hours of sleep a night.” There is still a lingering sense of working harder to get farther that seems to underlie most of our habits and actions, but at the same time, the tides seem to be […]

Third Eye, First 

In recent years there has been extensive research and writing on habits. How to make the good ones stick and how to kick the bad ones to the curb. It’s all there in black and white, all you have to do is do the work, the step-by-step processes laid out in myriad books and blogs. […]

Rest and Remember Meditation (with Yoga Nidra Script)

Yoga Nidra Meditation is a welcome home to the eternal wholeness that you are…the spaciousness of being that exists prior to the concepts of how we should be or could be. As infants, we experience a bird, a tree, or dog poop without labels or comments. We explore the world as it is, and each of our senses as […]

Build Your Immunity to Uncertainty with Yoga Nidra

Let’s face it. Life can be uncertain, stressful and messy. Uncertainty produces anxiety, fear and insecurity and is a major cause of anxiety, depression and other stress-induced diseases. Uncertainty is triggered when circumstances are ambiguous, complex, or unpredictable. Our mind likes to know. When information is unavailable or inconsistent, we feel ungrounded and unstable. Findings […]

From Toxic Positivity to Pure Life

Over the last few years, the term “Toxic Positivity” has gained relevance all around us, and for good reason. Messages such as “finding the bright side in everything”, “every situation has a silver lining”, “whatever happens, happens for a reason” can be harmful if they encourage people to suppress their real feelings by focusing on […]

Living in a World of Shared Trauma

In many parts of the world, the coronavirus pandemic rages on. People all over the world have lost jobs, livelihood, loved ones and with it, a sense of purpose. The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on individuals worldwide regardless of age or ethnicity. Millions have tried to keep afloat amid a year of grief, […]