Prerequisite: Yoga Therapy I

Yoga Therapy II

Hands On Certification

Learn advanced techniques of yoga therapy to physically support and coach your client through body limitations and psychosomatic tensions. Remove struggle and help your client receive maximum opening and benefit in assisted variations of classical yoga poses.

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Become a certified Yoga Therapy facilitator

These techniques enhance the effect of physical poses and support emotional integration – especially when combined with our unique coaching methods. The methods of yoga therapy you learn here work at a deeper layer than traditional yoga therapy, allowing people to access experiences ranging from stress relief and stretch to release of old feelings, fears and psychosomatic causes of disease.

Draw on elements from contact yoga, yogassage, phoenix rising yoga therapy, thai yoga therapy and traditional yoga styles to promote total body opening. Support yourself and others to increase range of motion, reduce pain and inflammation, heal burnout and improve mental and physical wellbeing by freeing the body’s ability to heal itself.


  • Advanced hands-on assisted posture techniques
  • Four sequences to address the most common holding zones in the body
  • Instructional videos and detailed digital manual
  • Facilitation techniques to enhance the effect of physical poses & support emotional integration
  • Ideas for chair Yoga Therapy
  • Basic principles and precautions of Yoga Therapy for scoliosis, hip replacement and other common conditions
  • Incorporate Yoga Nidra with Yoga Therapy*
  • How to put together a full 6 limbed yoga therapy session
  • Suggestions for marketing and pricing

*For certified Yoga Nidra teachers

Who is this program for?

Yoga Therapy II: Program Overview

What's Included

Your Body Hears Everything You Say

Additional Resources

The Role of Thoughts in Health and Yoga Therapy

This article emphasizes the role of thoughts in health and how yoga therapy can be used to affect not only the physical body, but the subtler levels from which illness can arise.

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“My clients say they have never felt so relaxed before!”

How Can I Use My Hours?

  • This course is 60 hours. Combined with Yoga Therapy I is 100 hours and upon completion of 8 documented sessions provides 120 Hour Yoga Therapy certification.
  • Completion Yoga Therapy I & II Certification allows you to become a member of IAYT (The International Association of Yoga Therapists).
  • If you are already a member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), hours can be used towards continuing education requirements
  • Completion of Yoga Therapy I and II count towards Amrit Yoga Institute’s 800hr IAYT accredited yoga therapist program. Learn more here.
  • Yoga Therapy I and II are sometimes offered together as one course, often in a 10-11 day format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get certified?

After successful completion of Yoga Therapy I and II. You will need to document and submit 8 session reports. Once approved, you will be certified as a 120 hour Yoga Therapist.

Can I call myself a Yoga Therapist once complete?

In most locations, yes. However it is incumbent upon the graduate to find out the laws in their state or country and comply with them.

Is this Yoga Alliance approved?

Yoga Alliance is not the association dealing with Yoga Therapy. International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) is the governing association for Yoga Therapists.

Once I graduate, what is my status with IAYT?

You are qualified to become a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Is this course accredited by IAYT?

No. However this course is part of our larger 800-hour Yoga Therapy program which is accredited with IAYT.

What is the difference between the 100 and 800-hour Yoga Therapy programs you offer?

This 120 hour course introduces you to the core of yoga therapy. The 800 hour course expands on this core offering allowing you to gain more knowledge and expertise in such areas as leading yoga therapy classes, anatomy and physiology, intake and assessment, Ayurveda, breathwork and more.

I am not sure if I want to take the 800-hour Yoga Therapy program. Can I start here?

Yes. This course can be transferred into your 800 hour Yoga Therapy program if you choose to continue on at a later date.